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Who we are

Clintonville Area Business Association 

Our Mission

To support and improve the Clintonville area business community through service, leadership, education, and connection

Organizational goals 

  • Workforce Preparedness & Education
    1. Exploring and identify workforce development needs of local businesses
    2. Communicate with educational institutions regarding the needs of our local industries
  • Legislative Advocacy
    1. Identity and advance the legislative issues, and initiatives to create a pro-business environment
    2. Host annual Legislative events which allow our members to directly communicate with City, County, State and National level officials
    3. Partner with industry specific groups, i.e., National Association of Manufacturers, Ohio Restaurant Association, etc.
  • Community Development
    1. Maintain and enhance relationships with local community service agencies to enhance the quality of life and employment stability in our community
    2. Maintain a solid environment for economic development by promoting attractive local incentives