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What is an Ambassador?

Ambassadors are a voluntary position and play an essential role in member communication and retention. Each Ambassador is charged with conveying member needs, questions and concerns to Association staff. Generally speaking, an Ambassador would be expected to encourage member involvement.

How to utilize current Ambassadors?

Whether you’re a member of the Association or not, Chamber Ambassadors are a great resource. They tend to be more in-the-know about the community, and can offer a member’s perspective of the Association. Feel free to reach out to our current Ambassadors with questions.

Why be an Ambassador?

Being an Ambassador can be a time commitment, but will benefit you and your business in addition to the Association. Ambassadors receive direct access to chamber members, getting their foot in the door with local businesses. Talking about the Association is an excellent ice breaker, and the relationship you build is just that – yours. Active Ambassadors generally receive a higher level of word of mouth referrals and direct business from fellow members.

Stand Out as an Ambassador

The Association has specific requirements or checklists/paperwork for our Ambassadors to complete. Here are some actions that will make you stand out in your community:

  • Mail a letter of introduction to new members and/or your assigned list
  • Welcome new members
  • Invite members to chamber events
  • Reach out to new members to see if they’re going to an event
  • Network at chamber events – make it a point to talk with the members that you called or responded to your emails.
  • Encourage non-members to join the chamber
  • Refer a member when doing business – and tell them!

Welcoming a Member to the Association

A personal welcome to new members will make you and your business stand out. When they have a question or attend an event, you will be the first person they seek out.

Event Invites

You don’t need to be a marketer as a Ambassador – your goal is to be a relationship builder. Whether you’re connecting with another member in person, by email or calling, keep the messaging short and simple. Just simply reaching out and extending an invitation to events will go a long way in building relationships.

Network at Association Events

Don’t forget that you’re a member, too! Networking is a great way to build relationships with fellow professionals, and you never know who will need your services in the future. As an Ambassador, you are encouraged to look for new members, welcome them and introduce them to other people. Being the new person is never fun, but it only takes one friendly face to change that. Networking doesn’t end when the event does. Collect business cards so you remember who to follow up with the next day.

Refer A Member

We encourage you to do business with fellow Association members. Doing business with a local business just makes sense – for you and your local economy. When you refer a member, please tell them. Most people won’t tell you why they picked you to do business with, which makes it hard for businesses to connect the dots from their chamber membership to their customer base.